Best kept secrets tan spa on the east side of Des Moines.

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  • This stand-up is a Platinum Level 3
  • 11 minutes of tanning
  • features aqua cool mist
  • aroma therapy voice guidance and music

Pura Sunless Spray Booth.

  • This is the Pura Sunless Spray Booth.
  • Completely automatic, only takes four minutes to get that off the beach glow.
  • Also, this is our All Access Level combined with the Platinum Level 3 tanning beds.

Bed Platinum Level 3

  • This is a 12 minute bed Platinum Level 3
  • It features facial tanners, cooling fan and music

Platinum Level 3 bed

  • This is a 12 minute Platinum Level 3 bed.
  • It features facial tanners, shoulder tanners, aqua cool mist, aroma therapy, cooling fans, air conditioning, voice guidance and music.

Gold Level 2 beds

  • Gold Level 2 beds.
  • 12 minutes facials, fan and music

Silver Level 1

  • This is our Silver Level 1, 15 minutes, with facials